Hummingbirds are one of natures most wondrous displays of beauty!  Hummingbirds range from over a hundred different species that are in a variety of different colors and shapes. not only that they inhabit some of the most beautiful environments. hummingbirds survive of the nectar of thousands of different flowers that provide them with the rich nutrients they need to operate on such a high heart rate.
I have seen carvings of hummingbirds in hand carving classes and other books associated with chainsaw carving. I had observed one picture of a hummingbird carved out of cedar. This peaked my interest in carving it with a chainsaw. I sketched a number of different poses and studied the anatomy and I included a rose as my inanimate object!
Now it was time to find the wood to sculpt the piece. I had a little bit of redwood laying around so I found a quarter sawed piece that came from an old growth timber. The color on the inside of redwood is a stunning brilliant reddish brown core!  A couple days later I had myself my first hand carved hummingbird!



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